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Our promise: I’m the SEO Hero will either deliver great local or product search results, or not cost a penny.

Let cut to the chase, to get customers, your site needs to be seen on the first page of Google search results. If it’s on page one of Google it’s probably also on the first page of Bing, Yahoo and all those other search engines.

There are many articles on the web telling you what your site needs to be high up in the search results. (There’s a list further down, but this is where we cut to the chase about what separates the first page sites from the rest). Pretty well 100% of them agree that what separates the top sites from the rest is authoritative links to your site, but very few will tell you how to get them, and even fewer how to get them fast.

It’s very simple, to be an seo hero for your business, you need to write about it and then distribute what you’ve written. The easiest way to do this is via syndicated press releases.

People, news channels and search engines are hungry for news. News channels everywhere are trusted and authoritative. If your release is taken up by just one press agency and released onto the web on their site, you can be pretty sure that that result will start showing up in the search results, and the link to your site in that result will start to boost your site.

Now don’t necessarily expect this to happen for a competitive one or two word short search term like “lawyer” or “seo hero”. However if you aim to rank for longer phrases, particularly those that might be relevant to local search such as “search engine optimisation, Champion, New York” and contain them in your press release they are more likely to be ranked.



For instance a typical release might be something on the lines of:

White Hat, search engine optimisation specialists, in Champion, New York, announce the release of a free, new, organic page rank boosting tool, SEO Hero.

New York, USA – January 23, 2017 /Pressandpublicity/ –

Anyone who wants to get more visitors to their website and web pages will benefit from the amazing new free tool from White Hat. It brings the ability to see what aspects of ‘front-end’ page content and ‘back-end’ website design and hosting are good for page ranking and what needs to be improved. The details of the full service availability can be found here:


White Hat’s new tool democratises the world wide web by allowing everyone to see why websites are ranked in the way that they are. If people don’t want to enhance or improve their own position in the league tables of discovery they will at least now be able to keep an eye on those who do it for them.

First of all the tool compares written content with that of the top ranking sites. Amongst other things it looks at sentence structure, keyword frequency, page layout and readability. It then offers suggestions as to how to optimize for viewer engagement.

It checks coding, once again highlighting problem areas and suggesting alternatives to ensure that pages are delivered to the page visitors’ devices in the most efficient way.

It checks competitors back links and has the capability to identify high authority sites in the niche. Not only that it able to determine which back links come from PBNs or Personal Back link Networks. This is something which should worry black hat SEO companies.

Finally it checks servers to make sure that there are no bottlenecks in the rendering of the page.

Kyle Terry, founder of White Hat, had this to say about the new service:

“We want to bring the knowledge graph to the whole world. In effect it will enable everyone to be able to truthfully say, ‘I’m an SEO Hero.’

White Hat worked with some very talented individuals to bring this tool into being. Their hours of toil mean that users of this tool can get information of what to do to improve their sites in the blink of an eye.

Not only that, but it’s all free.”

Being seen on page one is what most businesses have struggled to do for years and years. “In truth, page one isn’t going to get any bigger or have more search results.” Kyle says “However this new tool should improve the variety, much like the various Google algorithm updates.”

Anyone wanting to avail themselves of this new free tool can access it at:

Whitehat.not/ press-release/algorithm

For more information about White Hat and their other optimization services contact:


White Hat, Champion house, Main Street, Champion, NY


In the demonstration press release above it can be seen that there are many combinations of words that refer to SEO excellence in the headline. Any of these can be combined together by a search engine when deciding on the relevance of an article to a searcher’s query.

The mistake that many people make is filling their press release with lots of links. to different pages of the same site. This destroys the credibility of the links and linking sites.

But it’s not just back links that help, links out to other sites help too. Especially if those links are ordered in a way that that helps people to categorise and sort them.

For instance if we look at the term “SEO Hero” there will be a number of other sites that use this term. These can be sorted into sites that have it in their URL, sites where it is mentioned in a blog, social media sites, featured on You Tube and so on. For your site you could do the same even listing your rivals as this is pertinent information.

See the examples below:

Blog Post Search Results:

Social Media:

Web Pages:

Pages related to SEO Competitions

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A homepage section

This is an example of a homepage section. Homepage sections can be any page other than the homepage itself, including the page that shows your latest blog posts.


I’m the seo hero is a transatlantic partnership dedicated to helping website owners improve their visibility online.

With branches in both the USA and the UK we aim to bring advice on website building and promotion to everywhere from New York to London as well as the rest of the English speaking world.

In charge of things in the USA is Mika Lepisto, while in the UK, Martin Ansell is the person who decides where the buck stops.

Both  have been successfully involved in online marketing for a number of years. Their careers being influenced by their frustrations with other online marketing services that failed to deliver.

Mika’s life started in Europe, before moving to the Pacific North West where he lived for 25 years. Then one day, for a change of scene and climate, he  bought an Airstream trailer,  and traveled from Oregon to Southern Florida,  America’s tropics!

The wanderlust has not been dulled though and at some time in the future he suspects the call of a Carribean island will have to be answered.

Boating, fishing, cooking and dogs are what occupy his spare time, particularly dogs, having fostered and volunteered for a local Golden Retriever rescue organization as well as adopted his dog Murphy from them.




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